Who we are.


In 2016 the founding team of European-based FERTILYSIS, envisioned an environment where clinical practice and laboratory science, two parallel, equally important aspects of medicine, could “collide” in a fertile environment, supporting couples around the world with the etiological investigation of their infertility concerns at the comfort and privacy of their home. This is how our name ~ “FERTILYSIS” was born: rooted at the words “FERTILE” and the Greek word “LYSIS”, which translates into “solution to a problem”…the problem consists of known and emerging fertility issues while the solution ~ lysis represents our new innovative testing approaches! The Greek name has also to do with our founding team’s nationality and the fact that “the seed” was first planted in Athens, our country’s capital, by our co-founder, Dr. Panagiotis Venieratos. Over the last 4 years, Dr. Panagiotis Venieratos, together with his colleagues played a pivotal role in evaluating the clinical significance of the constant flow of innovative diagnostic fertility methodology. And he was able to built, mainly through word of mouth, an international patients list in Europe, North America and Australia which over the last four years gained enough critical mass with successful testimonials towards “the fruit” ~ our new venture going global!

Our Vision.


Our Vision in FERTILYSIS is to become the global on-line fertility specialist leader of at-home testing for unexplained infertility.

Our Mission.


Our Mission in FERTILYSIS is to provide a systematic, comprehensive, etiological investigation of infertility with breakthrough full-spectrum testing solutions , which can be performed safely at home, coupled with clinical consultation resulting in pregnancy and the delivery of healthy babies.

What makes us unique.


FERTILYSIS stands out by our medical and research expertise in infertility that goes far beyond the standard practices and guidelines of the market, with proven success record of our specialized tests in Europe, North America and in Australia, our collaboration with top medical practitioners in the field of assisted reproduction and our willingness to provide all of the above in reasonable prices so as to make our service easily accessible to couples around the world struggling in their fertility journey towards parenthood.