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If you have been struggling with infertility and haven’t been getting convincing answers, chances are you are still missing a piece of the puzzle.

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You will be talking to Dr. Venieratos (Dr. Panagiotis Venieratos MSc, PhD, Reproductive Biologist, Cell & Molecular Biologist). Dr. Venieratos works with couples who face fertility issues as a reproductive consultant helping them to complete their family. He has held consultations for couples all around the globe mainly concerning cases of unexplained infertility, implantation failure and recurrent miscarriages.

Dr. Panagiotis VenieratosWe will have an initial consultation over the phone in order to evaluate your fertility investigation and diagnosis so far, and propose some guidelines regarding your next steps. The aim of this free 30 minute talk is to quickly go through your history and to uncover any diagnostic gaps in your fertility investigation which would explain why you haven’t achieved a healthy, full-term pregnancy so far.

We have extensive experience successfully dealing with the most difficult cases of “unexplained” infertility with couples from all over the world. We are confident that we will be able to get this valuable information to complete your diagnosis and hopefully help you reach your goals and/or provide your treating physician with new data to consider.

Before our appointment, if you wish, you may send some information regarding your fertility history so far - any testing, IUI, IVFs and outcome (please make it short -1 page is plenty) and any lab reports that you believe are relevant to your investigation. Please forward those to We will go over these together during our session and assess if you are missing some vital piece of information.

If it is necessary, I will suggest additional diagnostic testing that will allow us to formulate a specialized medical profile baseline covering Infection, Reproductive Immunology, Genetics and Thrombophilia (assuming that hormonal and anatomical investigation has been completed by your consultant). The results of these tests will then allows to address and correct each of these factors to achieve either a natural pregnancy or to be fully prepared before any attempt of assisted reproduction. The goal is to go into your next attempt with the highest chances of success possible!

To summarize:

  1. You will send us your brief infertility history with any test results to
  2. You will call us, at agreed time, for a 30 min free consultation. 
    • To have the consultation by phone call, WhatsApp or Viber use the following phone number: +30 6947 0020 47
    • For Skype calls my Skype Name is: pvenieratos.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your consultation, please use the links in the email you will receive upon booking. We would appreciate 24 hour notice.

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