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✔ The FERTILYSIS Female Microbiome test performed on a few drops of menstrual blood is a new, method for the detection of hidden infections and evaluation of microbiome problems that can cause infertility in women, that conventional tests fail to identify, without the need of a biopsy.

Through FERTILYSIS Female Microbiome testing, we detect hidden infections of the uterus causing endometritis, which could lead to implantation failure, recurrent miscarriages and pregnancy complications. Click to see our full list

✔ The FERTILYSIS Male Microbiome testing is the male equivalent new method of detecting hidden infections in semen. Therefore, we can diagnose factors that could compromise sperm quality resulting in low fertilization rate, early embryo development arrest, implantation failure and early miscarriages. According to our theory, viruses inside sperm cells can be transmitted directly into the embryo during fertilization.

They may interfere with normal embryo develop­ment and provide a target for the mother's immune system, provoking an immunological response against embryo cells. Click to see our full list

When to use them?

In cases of:

âś” Unexplained infertility

âś” Early & recurrent miscarriages

âś” Implantation failure

âś” Failed IVF with own or donor eggs

âś” Failed IVF with PGS normal embryos

âś” Low ovarian reserve

✔High Sperm DNA fragmantation

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We almost always find that couples are missing crucial pieces of information in their investigation. A 30 min free phone consultation with our fertility experts will let you decide if and how our tests may help complete your diagnosis and treatment.

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We specialize in the investigation and treatment of unexplained infertility and recurrent miscarriages.

Using our clinical and research expertise, our exclusive technology and our internationally patented tests, we find answers where standard practices fail.

We have extensive experience successfully dealing with the most difficult cases of “unexplained” infertility with couples from all over the world. We are proud to be able to provide people around the world with access to specialized solutions at affordable prices.